martes, 1 de julio de 2014

First Instagram Contest

¡Ladys & Gentlemen! Due to the second Meeting of Young Researchers in Optics (II EJIO by its initials in Spanish) we want to invite you to participate in our First Instagram Contest Santiago de Compostela.

One or several pictures have to be submitted in Instagram with a title and with the specified hashtags (#OpticsEffectsEJIO #EJIO2014 #OSA #IYL2015) and users (@ajsedoptica y @usc_osa) to participate in the contest. Example: “A different rainbow” #OpticsEffectsEJIO #EJIO2014 #OSA #IYL2015 @ajsedoptica y @usc_osa
Each contestant would be able to submit 3 different pictures. All of the pictures have to be original, unpublished and taken by the contestant.

The completed bases can be consulted here.

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